My name is Marie and I was in a well paid marketing role working at a prestigious organisation for over 14 years then I decided to call it quits. Why? It was simple. I lost my passion. I wanted the freedom to explore my creative side and so after many months of soul searching and digging into my past, ‘On the Horizon’ was born.

You could say that I’m a late bloomer. I purchased my first full frame SLR just before I stopped work. I already knew how to take good shots, just not great shots. I already knew the emotions I wanted to capture, but I just couldn’t execute it. After lots of hard work I can say that I’m proud of my work.

I focus on family portraits and couple photoshoots in the Sydney area. I have three young kids of my own so have lots of experience capturing children being themselves.

I’ve had plenty of experience doing wedding photography in the past. The commitment required for wedding photography was too much to fit into my lifestyle so I focus on couple photoshoots because I enjoy documenting and watching a couple’s story unfold. I never get tired of hearing how two people connect and fall in love.

Coming from the corporate world, I also know the importance of client commitment. When you sign with me, you get all of me. You get the assurance that you’ll receive the highest quality of care and products.

On the Horizon Photography


I believe that our past plays a big role in shaping us as human beings. During a time of uncertainty in my career, I decided to look into my family tree and understand where I came from and what events bought me to the lucky life that I’m living.

My parents originated from Vietnam and fled during the Vietnam war. They were refugees in Malaysia before migrating to New Zealand where I was born. My mum never talks about the journey to the refugee camp in Malaysia, most likely because of the memories.

However my sister in law once described the journey as, “like a dream, all I remember was waves”. I can just imagine my parents looking out onto the horizon of the ocean in the hopes of freedom and even though it was scary – the unknown. That’s how ‘On the Horizon’ was born. To me ‘On the Horizon’ represents hope, freedom of creativity and the unknown opportunities.