Your photographer will have a certain style and mood that will appeal to your taste so picking the right photographer to take your family or newborn photos is an important decision. My style reflects the mood of the family and what’s happening in that moment. My style is earthy neutral with pops of colour.

Family portraits, newborn, fresh 48’s and lifestyle sessions

I’m keeping it real simple. I have a one off session fee of:


Yes, you read right! This fee covers unlimited shooting time in one location convenient to you (e.g. at home, park or hospital). At the end of the session you’ll receive an online gallery and have the option of purchasing your photos at an additional cost. As a guide a session can take from 45 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the temperament of your children, and in some cases the parents 🙂 If you’re thinking about booking two sessions, for example a maternity and newborn session, email me for a package deal.

*Digital photos are additional

The icing on the cake – the extras

I strongly believe that when you have photos you love, you should print them. Don’t store them on your phone so they can be stumbled across years later by accident.  They should be admired – day in, day out. I personally don’t do prints or photo books but can recommend some good quality and affordable suppliers.