The Daisley Family

I was asked recently if I do traditional family portraits and my answer is absolutely. My jam is taking candid photos, of little ones being their cheeky selves or that glance that your partner gives you and no one else. But I know how important it is also to take photos of family together. It’s not often (or possible to be quite frank) for everyone in your family to be in a photo. Let’s face it, it’s usually mum behind the iphone or smart phone begging for everyone to look at the camera while she tries to get a decent photo of everyone so she can frame or hand in at day care or school.

That’s why you hire someone like me. A few weeks ago I did a family lifestyle shoot with the Daisley family and had so much fun getting to know Ivy and Ava. We talked, played games, climbed trees and managed to take some pretty nice photos, traditional and candid. I know that I’ve captured memories for the Daisley Family and love that I get to be apart of it.



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