James Family

Not only do I capture special moments for families but I also get to meet awesome people like the James Family. They are down to earth and one of the loveliest families you’ll ever meet.  Lucy and Nick have two special little human beings – Hugo and Poppy and they are pretty much perfect.

I always start my shoot with portraits, the usual stand and look at the camera kind of stuff. Some might think this is boring but it’s important because it’s another way of capturing your family, it’s also nice to give to grand parents, aunts and uncles and not to mention school! The rest of the shoot is just fun. Watching, observing and getting to know each family member. This is when I get to see the personalities come out, when little ones are cheeky or like to go exploring. I love seeing the parent’s eyes light up or giggle at each other when I ask to shoot them on their own, it reminds me that love is a wonderful journey.

And finally, I love seeing the finished product. I like tying all the photos together to bring together a story. A story of a family that’s loving, caring and fun – just like the James family.


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