My birth story

Ashley was not planned. Not at all. And to top it off I had the worst first trimester. I didn’t remember experiencing sickness like it – physically, mentally but most of all emotionally – with my first two. I would tell my husband every day that I had a chemical imbalance that put me through depression. That was how bad it was. I would muster the courage to tell him hoping that he could fix it for me but knowing deep inside that it was pointless.

But just like that, in my 14th week of pregnancy something changed. I was happier and had more energy. I was so relieved and enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy – for the most part anyway.

The birth of Ashley is a little vague in my mind.  I don’t remember all of it, but I do remember how quick it was. I remember the wait for my parents to come and look after my kids when my contractions were 8 minutes apart. I remember the drive to the Mater hospital when my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I remember taking the happy gas and the wonderful mid wife telling it wasn’t long now. I remember the contractions being more intense and my obstetrician telling me to push when finally she came into this world. Ask me or my husband what happened in between and we’ll tell you we don’t remember anything else. I’m grateful I forced a camera into my husband’s hand. I hoped for the best as he’s not very good with instructions. I’d like to believe that as a result of my trusting nature (wink wink to my husband), we managed to get some really special moments of the arrival of our unexpected miracle, Ashley.

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