The McKenzie Family

If you’re starting a new family or growing your current one, at some point you’ll look at where you’re at and wish you could stop time and keep little pockets of these memories with you forever. That’s certainly how I felt when I was pregnant with my third. It was probably the hormones or maybe that I knew it was going to be my last pregnancy.

Whatever the reason, it was no wonder when I met with the McKenzie family I had feelings of nostalgia. Capturing moments of how much love a sibling has for their unborn sister and brother is priceless. Taking the time to soak in the changes that will inevitably come can’t be described but only felt.

Take a look at these photos of this incredible and loving family.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to capture memories of your family or share this with someone who you know that might want a session to treasure forever.

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