Baby Phineas

I love in home sessions. There’s something really special about having photos of your newborn or family at home. I find that everyone is a little bit more comfortable and relaxed. Most clients fear that they don’t have the proper lighting, or the right furniture, or that their house isn’t tidy. I can tell you that none of that matters. Every home has pockets of beautiful natural light. Every wall, every crack and piece of furniture is apart of your family story – that’s what makes in-home photo sessions so special.

This newborn photo session was especially special to me because I was blessed to take photos of this little man in his mother’s belly. I got to photograph him in the chair he gets fed in, in the hallway he’ll walk through and in the backyard he’ll play in. As this family grows, they might stay in their beautiful home or move, but they’ll always have these photos to remember where their family started.

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